strategy and research

Disruptive ideas.

Disruptive technologies displace established practices and lay the foundation for powerful change. Often poorly understood, they can initially be relegated to the sidelines, capturing little or no market share. But as they mature and become pervasive, disruptive technologies frequently unleash aftershocks that spark new innovations, new services, new products, new models. What was once unimaginable becomes the status quo.

Disruptor specializes in disruptive ideas. Communicating them. Implementing them.

Sometimes even inventing them.

Disruptor has been an active member of the science, technology and innovation communities for over 20 years. Our work has been deliberately broad: private sector companies – from emerging to enterprise, industry associations, academic institutions and government. From biotechnology to product engineering, robotics and AI, we have subject matter expertise and draw on a wide network of experts for nuanced insight and knowledge.

The Regional Municipality of York, Strategic Economic Initiatives: “The Spatial Geography of Innovation”

Knowledge spillover is the lifeblood of innovation. But unlike information, which effortlessly moves globally, knowledge is highly localized and utterly dependent on dense social networks.
York Region, home to Canada’s second largest technology community, is a mature, high-performing, exceptionally diverse innovation ecosystem that remains internally disconnected. Is that the key to its success — or does it need to change?

Government of Ontario, Ministry of Research and Innovation: "An Innovation-driven Economy: "Maximizing MRI’s Contribution to Ontario"

A comprehensive analysis of the provincial innovation system, culminating in a unique analytical framework and metrics for Ontario's Innovation Ecosystem.

Regional Municipality of Durham, Economic Development: "An Emerging Energy Cluster"

The initial mapping and analysis of a nascent energy cluster in Durham Region, the largest geographic jurisdiction in the Greater Toronto Area [GTA]. The study laid the foundations for the Durham Strategic Energy Alliance [DSEA].

York University, Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation: A science-based initiative for an arts-oriented university

Disruptor identified a unique, national opportunity for this arts-oriented university seeking to increase its profile — and funding — in science and technology. Aligned with the federal government’s new innovation strategy, we outlined a unique opportunity to leverage the global profile of ATI [now AMD] — and play a leadership role in gaming.

Robotics Network Symposium: “Robotics: Technology’s Next Frontier”

Featuring Andra Keay, Managing Director, Silicon Valley Robotics, fresh from her appearance at Davos, Disruptor collaborated on this symposium, designed to encourage Canada to leverage its international reputation in artificial intelligence to tap into the fast growing commercial robotics market.